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Practical privacy solutions for today, future-proof foundation for tomorrow

At Ketch, we believe it should be easy for businesses to offer clear and simple privacy options to their customers. This is why we're making Ketch OTC completely free.

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Quick and easy to implement. Achieve day one compliance with Ketch OTC Free

Ketch is announcing new complimentary compliance solutions to help digital leaders create honest and transparent privacy experiences for their customers.

Granular policy control

Compliance and maximum data utilization with granular positioning for any law or policy.

Flexible & adaptable

Easily add and change policies in response to rapidly evolving regulations.

Easy implementation

Deploy with clicks not code, and quick-start policy templates.

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Collect & record consent

Record consent, notice, and disclosure.

Preference center with rights intake

Give customers granular control over uses of their data.


Customizable styling and language to align with your brand.

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Future-proof your compliance program

Businesses need a future-proof solution that is easy to deploy and grow with their business without expensive implementation cycles. That’s why we’ve made our basic consent management offering completely free.


Regulations are expanding and the threat of enforcement continues to mount. Customers expect to be able to control their relationships with your business.


The privacy software market is fragmented with confusing and incomplete offerings that make it difficult for buyers to know what they’re getting.

Ketch OTC Offers

Unified Regulation Framework

Future-proof data privacy compliance management including GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, LGPD, and others.

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Pixel-perfect privacy banners to record consent, deliver notices and disclosures across web and mobile.


Flexible preference center for customers to control their data and exercise their rights.

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Quick deployments with configurable policy templates and privacy language.

At Ketch, we believe true privacy begins when customer signals are propagated into all of the connected systems where customer information is stored

We want to offer our customers the basics for free to help them achieve real privacy when they’re ready.

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How we are different?

We’ve taken the basics of privacy management and made our offering completely free.


Ketch OTC Free

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FAQ Section

What is a privacy compliance tool?

Privacy compliance tools help companies tackle the complexity of data privacy and governance. Ketch's 'Deploy Once, Comply & Secure Everywhere' platform delivers a programmatic approach to data privacy and governance. This allows companies to: dynamically adapt to the evolving legal landscape, future-proof their businesses, and cut operational and privacy engineering costs by 80%.

Why do you need a privacy compliance tool?

Privacy and compliance complexity holds organizations hostage, limiting their ability to explore different ways to solve their compliance problems. Ketch's programmatic privacy solution makes data control simple, enabling business to respect their consumers privacy regardless of privacy law or governance mandate.

Who should use a privacy compliance tool?

Ketch is used by: legal teams to comply with regulations within the jurisdictions that they conduct business, marketing teams to deliver the right privacy experiences to consumers at the right time, and IT teams to automate changes in consent and programmatically fulfill DSRs in real time without human intervention. Privacy is a team sport, after all.

What is GDPR? How can Ketch help?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which is a set of legal standards that impose guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the European Union. Ketch makes complying with the most comprehensive data protection legislation a snap by formulating policies that apply specifically to your company’s entire data ecosystem.