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What to expect:


A brief conversation to discuss your privacy program goals, regulatory compliance needs, and how you're using privacy to build trust and enable responsible data growth

live demo

Live demo of our Enterprise software, customized to your priority use cases


All your questions answered so you have all the info you need

Common FAQs

How long does the demo session last?

The first demo meeting with Ketch is typically 30 minutes long. This allows us ample time to discuss your pain points and demonstrate how Ketch can address your needs.

Are there any prerequisites or specific information needed before attending the demo?

To ensure you get the most out of your demo, we recommend providing some information about your top priority use cases and pain points beforehand. For example, if fulfilling data subject requests is a pain point for your team, we can tailor a demo for DSR automation to your specific pain points and brand. 

Can the demo be scheduled for a specific use case or industry?

Definitely! Providing this information beforehand allows us to tailor the demo to your specific use case or industry and will significantly enhance the session's productivity. For instance, if you're an ecommerce brand and want to understand how our software can help with cookie banner styling and customer data management, we can customize the demo to focus on these aspects. Similarly, for SaaS companies concerned with fulfilling subject requests, we can demonstrate our platform's drag-and-drop request workflow features, and integration capabilities with internal and external data systems. This personalized approach ensures you see firsthand how Ketch can solve your particular challenges.

Is there a recording of the demo available for those who cannot attend live?

Yes, we can record the demo for you. This is especially useful for sharing with your teammates who can’t attend the live session, ensuring everyone has the necessary information. We would ask that you let us know in advance if you want the session recorded so we come prepared to meet your needs.

How soon after requesting a demo can I expect to be contacted for scheduling?

You can schedule your demo immediately after completing the request form. You'll be taken to a calendar to pick the exact day and time that works best for you, ensuring a seamless scheduling process.

Our customers see 12x ROl
compared to first-generation solutions

We are absolutely delighted with our Ketch experience to date. Their responsiveness to our implementation has taken us from project start to go-live in just three weeks.

Jennifer Rosario
Chief Information Security Officer



Ketch offers a streamlined way of ensuring privacy compliance. It enables you to ensure compliance across the board with respect to privacy and other similar regulatory requirements.

Tim Janas
Senior Corporate Counsel



Building partner and client relationships is the foundation of our business growth. Thanks to Ketch, we’re making good on the promises in our privacy policy and positioning privacy as a growth lever.

Brian Hickie 
Chief Information Officer



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