A guide to the ROI of data privacy

In today’s business environment, data privacy is too important and too expensive to be left to guesswork. You must demand real return on investment from your privacy technology stack.

In our guide, learn how to manage, measure, and evaluate your privacy platform for maximum ROI.


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Understanding the what and why of data privacy ROI

Privacy is a board level issue at many organizations. How did it get there, and how do you approach leadership with new investment requests? Proving ROI is essential. 


Three essential ROI measurement categories

Most businesses still view privacy investments through the lens of regulatory compliance, but this is too narrow. Privacy presents the opportunity to drive quantifiable, positive value for your organization.


Putting principles to practice: real world case study 

This guide goes beyond theoretical, hypothetical guiding principles. We break down a real data privacy ROI calculation for a major brand. 

About Ketch

Ketch is a data control platform for programmatic privacy, data governance, and security. We help businesses get control of their data to improve data utilization, collapse compliance costs, and eliminate risks.

Customers use Ketch for consent and preference management, data discovery and classification, and subject rights fulfillment. The platform is adaptable and scalable as your business grows, consistently enabling new jurisdiction compliance requirements and changing consumer consent experiences.

94% of companies report privacy metrics to their board of directors, but only 15% report the ROI of their privacy investments. 

Cisco 2022 Privacy Benchmark Study

Start reporting on the ROI of your data privacy investments today

With businesses collecting, processing, and storing more data than ever before, businesses urgently need new mindsets and methods for data privacy. Start ensuring your investments are the right ones, now. 


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