Data privacy is a space that’s long on rules, but short on tools. First-generation approaches followed a ‘paint by numbers’ approach: checklists, organizational readiness, quick identification of privacy gaps and compliance risks. They were static, what-you-should-do approaches; necessary, but not sufficient, to actualize privacy across a company’s internal and partner systems. First-generation tools strained and cracked in the face of mounting complexity from:  

  • The multiple jurisdictions in which new regulations have been enacted, and the shifting nature of existing regulations;
  • The challenge of recognizing people’s privacy wishes across different digital spaces, devices, and touchpoints
  • The multiplicity of systems across which privacy must be respected.

Every company that adopted first-generation tools soon knew how much work remains to operationalize their privacy initiatives in a cost-effective, policy-driven manner. The key to conquering complexity in privacy is to embrace new technology for data control. With granular data control, businesses can build programmatic and scalable privacy programs that collapse the costs of compliance, respect data dignity and responsibly leverage data for growth.

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