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Everyone's talking about data and AI. We listened. 

In collaboration with Ketch, The Ethical Tech Project has conducted a pioneering study to probe deep into consumer sentiments surrounding artificial intelligence and the vital personal data that fuels it.

  • Will consumers trust and reward, or doubt and penalize, companies that leverage their data in AI?
  • What do business leaders need to know about the pitfalls and landmines ahead as they leverage consumer data for new, AI-driven applications?

Discover why, when it comes to AI and data privacy, the landscape is changing faster than ever and the genie is out of the bottle.


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Current AI adoption among consumers

How do they perceive top AI players, and which AI applications unsettle them?

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The data dilemma

Are consumers at ease with their data training AI? Who do they trust with their data security and AI's fairness?

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Make a plan for compliance 

Will consumers favor businesses that champion ethical data practices through better pricing or a greater likelihood to purchase?

About The Ethical Tech Project

At the nexus of innovation and responsibility, The Ethical Tech Project is a beacon for companies navigating the intricate waters of AI and data privacy. Our mission is to bridge the gap between technological advancement and ethical considerations, ensuring a future where progress benefits all. Learn more about us at ethicaltechproject.org.

About Ketch

Ketch enables businesses and platforms to build trust with consumers and grow with data. The Ketch Data Permissioning Platform is a coordinated set of applications, infrastructure, and APIs that collapses the cost and complexity of privacy operations and mobilizes responsibly gathered data for deeper customer engagement and top-line growth. 

To learn more, visit ketch.com

Business leaders need to prioritize the ethical use of data as a competitive priority, particularly as AI changes their day-to-day operations. Instead of leaders prognosticating whether consumers care about these issues or not, the genie is out of the bottle: data privacy in the era of AI is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a need-to-have.

Tom Chavez, Founder and Chair

The Ethical Tech Project

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