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CPRA compliance

The CPRA enforcement deadline was March 29th, 2024.
Is your business compliant? 

Ketch is easy-to-use data privacy software for small teams that need fast and easy compliance with California privacy law requirements for CCPA and CPRA, like Do Not Sell and opt-out enforcement.

Deploy in as little as one week.
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Ketch makes CPRA compliance easy.

Collect and enforce consumer privacy preferences and opt-outs across all of your data systems

Compliance requires the ability to collect and enforce consumer privacy choices across your data ecosystem. CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) is already live, and the enhanced CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) was enforced beginning on March 29, 2024. Businesses require flexible and responsive infrastructure to comply with regulators and meet consumer expectations.

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Customizable banners for CCPA, CPRA, and beyond

No coding expertise? No problem. Ketch is easy for legal and marketing teams to use, with WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop customization capabilities. With Ketch consent and preference management, you can use our pre-defined templates to quickly spin up privacy policies and notices for California consumers.

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Comply with targeted advertising requirements under California law

Under the CCPA and CPRA privacy laws, consumers can make the choice to opt-out of activities like targeted advertising. Businesses are obligated to respect and enforce these consumer choices across internal and vendor data systems. With Ketch custom workflow builder tools, you can create manual and automated flows that match your desired business processes. 


Hands-on implementation

Our customer success experts make deployment easy with instant Slack communication, live training sessions, and thorough documentation.


Zero technical roadblocks

Give your engineers a break. Ketch privacy software is easy for non-technical teams to use. Customize with clicks and drag-and-drop workflows.


Support business needs

Ketch makes privacy a team sport, helping you improve coordination and relationships across legal, IT, and marketing stakeholders.

“We are absolutely delighted with our Ketch experience to date. Their responsiveness to our implementation has taken us from project start to go-live in just three weeks.”

Jennifer Rosario
Chief Information Security officer, Spreedly

“Ketch offers a streamlined way of ensuring privacy compliance. It enables you to ensure compliance across the board with respect to privacy and other similar regulatory requirements.”

Tim Janas
Senior Corporate Counsel, SeatGeek

“Building partner and client relationships is the foundation of our business growth. Thanks to Ketch, we’re making good on the promises in our privacy policy and positioning privacy as a growth lever.”

Brian Hickie 
Chief Information Officer, K16 solutions


Learn more about CPRA and CCPA

What is CCPA?

The first law of its kind in the United States, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was initiated in the wake of Europe’s even more comprehensive General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to improve data transparency in the most populous U.S. state. Signed into law on June 28, 2018, and taking effect on January 1, 2020, CCPA applies to any for-profit business anywhere in the world that meets any one of the following thresholds:

  • Annual gross revenue in excess of $25 million
  • Buying, receiving, or selling personal information of more than 50,000 consumers or households
  • Earning more than half of your annual revenue from selling personal information


What is CPRA?

Coined CCPA 2.0, the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) was approved by voters on November 4, 2020, as a means to improve upon the existing CCPA. The new rights and requirements outlined in the CPRA will be enforced beginning March 29, 2024, resulting in a law more in line with the EU’s GDPR and providing greater protection for consumers and additional compliance regulations for businesses.

Why is being compliant with CCPA/CPRA important?

Like GDPR, business required to be CPRA/CCPA-compliant must provide notice to consumers at the time they collect personal data, allow them to opt out and disclose the reason for retaining, sharing or selling personal information. They also must allow consumers to access and delete their personal information, respond to consumer requests within specific timeframes, and maintain all records of requests for a minimum of two years.

Penalties violating CCPA can cost businesses $2500 for per individual violation (i.e., per consumer), with higher fees for intentional violations. While you can avoid liability if you cure the noncompliance within 30 days, there are some types of non-compliance that may not be capable of a cure. For example, if a data breach has already occurred, there’s little you can do to fix it.

With the passing of the CPRA, the price of non-compliance has increased and the establishment of the CCPA is expected to result in greater enforcement. Most notably, CPRA triples the maximum penalty for an individual violation to $7500 for violations concerning minors.

Who needs to comply with CCPA/CPRA?

CCPA and CPRA are applicable to any forprofit entity doing business in California that meet any one of the following thresholds:

  • Annual gross revenue in excess of $25 million
  • Buying, receiving or selling personal information of more than 50,000 consumers or households (expanded to 100,000 under CPRA)
  • Earning more than half of your annual revenue from selling personal information
How can Ketch help me become compliant with CCPA/CPRA?

Ketch is easy-to-use data privacy software that makes it easy for businesses and brands to comply with data privacy regulations including CCPA/CPRA.

With Ketch, you can automate opt-outs, collect consent, enforce consumer privacy choices across your systems. Ketch can also help you with essential privacy program tasks like data mapping, ROPAs, risk assessments, and more. 

CPRA compliance up & running in weeks.

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