Ketch Privacy Primer Part 2:

Businesses Respond 

When it comes to managing the interplay between the promise of data and the imperative for privacy, companies fall into four basic states.

Check out the second part of our four part series on achieving the promise and possibility of the privacy opportunity to see which category your business falls into.


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The Ketch Privacy Primer


As businesses cry out for tools to help them conquer the complexity and eliminate spiraling compliance costs, new mindsets and methods for data privacy and governance are responding to the call. These innovations hold the promise of making privacy programmatic and scalable. Soon every company will be able to demonstrate responsible stewardship of personal data in every interaction across every jurisdiction.

To understand the promise and possibility of this privacy opportunity, we've crafted a four part series outlining how we got here, including the web of players that shaped modern data privacy; the implications for business; the core complexities that must be overcome to make data compliance and growth compatible; and lastly, how to begin solving for those challenges.

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